Ive come here to kill you, wont leave til' you die

Justin a.k.a "Grim"
29 January
toms river
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Born in Jersey n probably e'll die in Jersey. As of this summer life has changed. i used to be a depressed kid from jersey cause i had girl torubles. sure i had loving friends, car clubs ect. but i was in need of a girl i finialy found her a Lovey girl named caity so im one happy fucker. im starting my sr. year at my high skool, its the one where mtv filmed made with the duct tape dress girl and the kid who sounded gay who did a tirathalot ( n a little infformation the girl got boo'd off the stage at homecoming i personaly told her she was a sell otu waste of life at the dance yet they didnt show that) but yea thats me. i do the nroaml shit, guitar, cars, and of course myspace -myspace.com/zfreak. umm yea