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new tatt [19 Nov 2005|02:17am]
Newest Tattoo, this one is amazing. 3 n a half hour session worth it Collapse )
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If R Kelly looses ill piss on your dog [13 Nov 2005|11:37pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Well me n this girl r datign. Her names Michelle Marks. Its good times we hung out for abotu 2 weeks straight til tonight. but yea we have been dating for 2 nights but i been so hapy cause unlike a stupid fuck face bitch names sam , shes a nice little edge girl hahaha. but yea Life is get'n better . My dad goes to work again soon. hes feel'n better so thats good. A whole bullshit thing happened w. my sister n her boyfriend. Fuck him hes a DICK but yea. he threatened her n i found out n my dad found out after the kid left and a whole agrument off but yea. Umm i take the camry out soon so i put the z away thats kinda depressing. But this friday i do my next tattoo. its a suprise but its a 3 n a half hour session on my other calf but yea thats life

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[07 Nov 2005|12:42am]
[ mood | content ]

Ok time to restart this damn thing, thanks to a certain Michelle Marks. well umm recently life has had lots of turns w. tattoos, hair cuts ,my senior year , and most recently my dad almost dieing and my family turn'n toshit for a bit there upon car money , friends, job n school problems. Life sucked but ti seems to be geting slowly better. My dad is ok now. im friends w. carrie again, me n ash r friends again girls r mean, confusing and suck still but im think'n of a girl who isnt in that group lol. we'll see what happens there, but yea this entire weekend i spent w. michelle basicaly shes real chill. only took bout 4 years to chill lol but yea. Umms oon the z is going by by for the winter n out comes the camry but yea well hmm first entry in a long time i think im good for now.

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[10 Oct 2005|12:31pm]
New Tattoo, its amazing:)Collapse )
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[14 Sep 2005|11:10pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Wheres the girl who i can hold and always, ALWAYS be happy with. Accept everything she does weather i do or not , the girl who wont choose stupid things over me, and the one who shit will work out with?

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[01 Sep 2005|12:12am]
more of a funny look'n boy and umm marta of bleeding through??? say wha?Collapse )
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pictures finialy updated n this is what i got [11 Aug 2005|01:03pm]
funny look'n boy:)Collapse )
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[30 Jun 2005|12:16pm]
[ mood | full ]

Fuck'n wow its been almost 4 mounths since i updated well things have been very intense. im singles yet again me n as didnt work i dont no if i said that last time but yea hmmm shes been wierd bout shit n has held things against me she shouldnt have.

But yea i got ino a car accident w. the Z. i spun out on a very wet road n didnt try to catch myself until it was to late n fucked the aleignment up n rear controll arm but yea my car is fixed n out n about being the only thing in life that has yet to let me down. i than rear ended a lady in the minivan which i was driving while my car was being fixed im paying off the parents who paid her off lol 1450.00 it sucks. hmmm o yea n a small accident which didnt do nethin to the Z but i go it all dealt with.

Still after all those i had no police reports or nethin so there not on my record so i managed to get a job from Pinebelt Cddilac n Nissan which means i work on my cra n clean it when im bored at the end of the night. its the greatest job. 2-7every weekday n 8-4 every other saturday its great at 8 an hour i cant complain.

Friends though have changed im alot closr w. the cae kids on 37. girls well there out there im still look'n for the one but im doen w. ash thats for sure. but 37 is the place i chill almost everynight. my car shoudl b started soon though thanks to certain people and myself i got some hookups w. veilside, enkei , import motor sports , defcon designs n some more so yea but thats all for now wild nights have cept me up so im kinda beet

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good fuck'n beans [04 Mar 2005|01:53pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

well yea, after that update things got better alot better. o dan heres that update that u wanted lol.
but yea that friday i chill'd w. ash cause i tseemed to b the only time i was really happy.when we dated last time i started to feel for her something that i hadnt felt for ne1 in the past and it felt good. but shit got bad n we broke up. than me n kate dated again n shit happened but i must say i had the best new years ever, i spent it chill'n w. ash n a couple others at the dinner but yea. me n kate went bleh but were still chill. than i still talked to ash n she still made me happy as fuck when we chill'd. for mounths i had contimplated dat'n her again since oct. but that fact she smoked n shit always me think against it when in reality she is the only person i can accept stuff liek that from n date her. so yea me n lauren happaned, she just made me feel eh. a few days into it shit got shady n never ended n i never felt really happy w. her i was happier w. kate n i made a mistake by dat'n lauren, she was kool n ended shit thoguh a text message so yea n now i hear she talks shit so fuck her let her create drama. but im happy cause friday i started dat'n ash again n spent sunday w. her at a taste of chaos which owned at life. but yea im happy, im more than happy. i need to talk to her though cause for a while now since b4 shit got bad the first time i wanted to say somethin to her but didnt no if i should, i still dont but we'll see . but yea things r goin good i should have my car out soon my 300 :) which e'll make me happy
but its weird hwen ever im happy my friends seem to be misreable n u guys no who u r n im sorry feel better

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another depressing entry [24 Feb 2005|08:25pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

hmm its been a while. ten bucks says no matter how much i post little or small no one will read. i havent read any ones in mounths really, so why would any one wanna read my depressing shit i dont no.
hmm well i was happy for a little bit with some ome. almost 3 weeks, heh. she got weird, shady n basicaly said she didnt wanna date nemore though a text message telling me to break up with her after questioning if i was gonna break up w. her 2 days earlier when i said i wanted to talk. i hope she has a misreable fuck'n birthday cause i wasted mine with her. there we go, a nother wasted 3 weeks of my life.
hmmm what else has happeend. i dont no but i think ive lost touch w. some people that i regard as good friends like ash n nick cause i dont really read this thing to much n i remember they used to post alot about their life which is how i found stuff out. last i heard nick wasnt doin to good. i tried to cal his cell but it wasnt working it was disconected n i chave no other was of get'n in touch w. him. he worries me . so much bad shit happens to this poor kid, n dont get me started on ash god those 2 seem perfect they both atract such bad things but their good people, n i think their some of the few i truly trust.
kate n me talked a little she needed to get somerthin out n talked to me about it i felt important kinda but i hope shes hav'n fun in florida she needs to unwind.
good news though ive had this week off skool n work which has been relaxing. im taking my nissan back out soon and im going to a taste of chaos tour this sat n sun . sat w. bonczo n sun w. siobhan should be fun. i unno, all around me people's lives r goin to shit or goin great n i look at mine n im either goin to crap or right in the middle. i chill'd w. ash that made me happy n all (ex g.f ash from a couple mounths ago) iot made me happy n all but made me sad cause i unno i think about when we broke up i think of the fact she does smoke, n smoke alot n how i just cant stand some 1 who does that. i mean with her i can shes beautiful to me in almost all the aspects of the word besides her smoking n such. when i hang out with her i think alot about myself. about us like she likes me n all but i dont no if i could do it again,. it seems w. kate n lauren n such after i date a girl it cant go ne better. it ust makes me upset but i do think of ash alot. even when i was dating lauren i thought of ash i thought she was angry w.me cause i had a g.f n thats why she wasnt talk'n but find out she thought since i had a g.f i didnt wanna talk to her. its funny though, people ... all people do that they think n act upon a asumption n right now im done i will no more assume things hel if i didnt i coulda dated ash again n still been happy, had a great valentines day instead of a shity one w. lauren as she watched a movie for 2 hrs n did nothin but watch it n eat a bagel n not even talk to me
. . . . mayb im the asshole though. maybe im the guy who asks for to much when i just want a little edge girl or a girl who can make me happy, who i can go to and hold her face n look into her eyes n see happiness cause with lauren i didnt.with alo of girlfriends i didnt maybe i shoudl just stop

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[03 Jan 2005|12:31am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

well yea today or this entire mounthhas sucked.
this entire break i had 2 daqys off my usual monday and xmas wow what a fuck'n waste. ims sick of shoprite, i can only truly say i trust a couple people there w. the shit thats goin on n im doen they crossed me for the last time and im done fuck em their getn royaly fucked over. but besides taht like every other holiday time , justin = lonely mother fucker. but shit happens. i unno i moved to the basement though so thats a good thing. umm i started to chill w. ash n miles again go figure but meagan appaolgised but i still am sketchy okshe allapogised but dont change the past sure ill b chill but never will she enter my nissan again though. it sucks i look back and allthe good things i mention on here always turn to shit and me entries no matter how i try always go down hill and my life is full of drama fuck it is so sad when high skool n friends rnt the drama but my fucking bosses are. fuck em im royaly fuck'n sr over. im goin to the damn union. im making lives misreable than when its all said and done and people's careers and lives are hanging in the balance because they fucked with the wrogn kid im just up and quiting im acutuly going tomarrow difectly from skool to fill out an application at target.i kinda dont wanan eave people liek brucey n matt n kevin n every one but the drama n the hours is shit fuck those mother fuckers who crossed me thats all i gotta say. i just have to vent and things have been decent n all i guess but people have pissed me off like kate. yea go figure she pissed me off? wow who figured. she see's me at work n jokes around when she can tell im pissed, i try to talk to her when im not pissed wellit seems shes always gotta b depressed or just not in a good mood . w/e though i mean i brought her gifts to skool n shit n made em allpretty w. paper n shit n she wont bring my gifts to skool let aloe rap them i have to go to her house n pick up a bag i mean i get hurassed allbreak when i sawehr at work "come get your shit" wow i wasnt a dick to her bout neshit. i didnt return her shit , i didnt say u want em come get em i got em for her w. some thought i find otu she didnt even pick nethin out she had my friend who works at spencers pick my things out. plus new years sucked balls supposed to chill w. nick no go w. that w.e he never called or etxted so i thought o ill chill w. amanda well i get out of work shesnot home so i get bitched out over the phone by the rents n shes on her way back i tell her not to worry bnout it so i go home fight n leave n go to the dinner to meet miles meagan , ash n 2 other girls i missed ash though. im just sick of it all. im never happy when it comes to certain things. people always find a way to fuck me over.

but i must say if anything great came out of this week, besides chill'n w. ash for a little bit i saw bailey and hign otu w. her besides at a stupid purade for the first time in 4 years it was glorious man i love bailey shes always there for me.but yea i gotta get soem sleep skoolin a coupel hours. fuck north, fuck jersey, fuck people, fuck shoprite and most of all fuck you :) good night

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[13 Dec 2004|12:35am]
i feel like every1 i can trust is some way or another making me second guess myself.
i feel like the happiness i felt was short lived.
the girl i was crazy about now seems to make me feel upset and empty,
maybe she isn't making me feel empty but she isn't helping.
this entire weekend was misreable. nothing good came of it.
emotions surfaced i haven't felt in a while for people i never thoguht i'd feel them for over stupid shit.
i stare at the night wondering where im going.
this life im creating or was is falling apart.
the things ive tried to do have been shot down either by my own standards or shier fact i can't do anything right.
i used to hope to find some one to spend eternity with who makes me happy, a happiness that was never ending and i now have to come to the conclusion it's hopeless.
the girl i had that feeling for now makes me question my ethics and beliefs and she doesn't even know it.
. . . i have never wanted to break down and just cry so much in my life than i have in the past 3 days.
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[06 Dec 2004|09:46pm]
happiness has always come at a price and i think i paid all those prices for right now. usualy if i got angry at a girlfriend or we would argue id just wanna b alone n not b w. em but today me n kate were both edgy n snapped a little and usualy we would of had a war but today was different. we just got over it. we didnt fight, yell, scream. none of it. we just chill'd out n by the time i drove her home i saw a side of her i never had to that extent befor lol and i realized that im so fuck'n glad i told her. so far with all girlfriends i havent been able to have 1 deal w. me n me deal w. em at the same time when were pissed or what not i think and hope this is a good sign :)
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[29 Nov 2004|09:01pm]
[ mood | calm ]

well this weekend tured out great. have seen kate every day since thurs. if i drove to her house for a bit after work or a couple hours b4 work its been great. last night we talked on the foen for a couple hours til 1 am basicaly and we got alot of things out. we talked about stuff from when we first dated. i feel bad now cause i fucked up n hurt her alot i think i dont no but im happy now n so is she so thats all that matters. today was good. skool was good , voc, well voc was voc what can i say welding is fun shit. my chest has been bothering me so its a bitch to pick some shit up. i got a ntoher car. a burgendy 1991 toyota camry lol yes, so fuck'n ghetto but yea. picked that up on sunday b4 work.
but after voc went bak to north waited for kate to get out drove her home chill'd til 4:15 drove her to work. i didnt want her to go. i enjoy the time we spend together so much. weather were just laying there or were walking around i just feel so confterable with her. but we just layed down n watched tv today. havin her in my arms again made life so simple and easy, me and her simple as that. but holding her made life come to perspective. dont hold anything back hell if i never told her how i felt id still b lonely, lost and confused so listen to me people do what you think is right never second guess urself.


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[28 Nov 2004|12:45am]
[ mood | thankful ]

well umm not updated for real in along time. so far got a 1991 toyota camary, still have the 300, hung out w. alot of people, had fun enjoyed life alittle. thought about stuff, worked alot, missed manson and as of thanksgiving night about 11:10-ish im finialy goin out w. kate( yes i no weve dated befor) but i fucked up and have felt for her ever since and i was so confused on how she truly felt bout me til well she told me. so i ran there i knew if i thought about it to long id do somethin stupid or say something stupid so i did what old justin would do, do and not think and hell it worked out for a change. n yesterday i kissed her. first time in years since i last kissed her first off and first time in a long time that ive kissed some one and its felt so right, not just for the hell of it, but because it just felt right. tonight i told her she was gorgeous. she doesnt want to hear that but for the past couple years ive thought it and god does it feel great to tell her. right now hell dotn mind any other relationship ive had in the past year or so because no matter if i was happy or misreable, somethin was diff bout kate n life just feels better now. so yes im happy, un imagionably happy :)

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[16 Nov 2004|09:40pm]
i just want things to finialy fall into place and for it to stop hurting . . . .
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[21 Oct 2004|01:54pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

heh well yes again shit went down hill. monday i had to deal w. drama bullshit from meagan. she started shit online liek usual and than called my cell 2 times n i hung up telling her i didnt wanna deal w. drama. well she called a third n said i hang up 1 more tiem my car gets it. well fuck her shes now dead to me.you threaten me ok what ever but ui threaten my car ur fucked in my book for life. well things werent so bad i managed to jimmyrig the front end from scratch'n so much w. ties n i have the new 1 bein painted it was all goin good til yesterday at work. i put it in revurse to go into a spot than i heard a humming i unno wasnt normal but it went away no thought but than on my way to skool today id drive lieke usual and the rpm's would soor up an dmy speed wouldnt. a tranny problem was all i could think about until i came home told bill. it was worse coming home. than he got in and we drove down the road. it was horrible. when i was com'n home sounded like i was gonna blow my engine. but i cant fuck'n drive it i just wanna fuck'n cry. i wanna sit here n fuck'n cry n not have to deal w. this bullshit. i want everyone who desiced to be a fuckhead to me and make life hell for me to just go fuck off n for 1 main person who shall remian nameless to go and fuck'n killthem selves thats how pissed i am. fuck every one. fuck everything. i cant fucking win at all.

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Yet Again. . . . . part 1 [11 Oct 2004|10:28am]
[ mood | lonely ]

well it happened again. 2 weeks ago (yes i no its been a while) me n ash broke up.that night just got worse and worse. i dont really want to remember what happened but i figure i have to get it out somehow.

started out 2 thursdays ago. i got off work late. i told her wednesday i thoight i got fof work at 5 n it turned out i got off at 8 n ash has no fone or nethin so i couldnt contact her to tell her differently. she was all pissed off i foudn out later because she gave up goin out w. caroline n waited for me ok 1 mistake i made , not even a mistake a accident cause hel i had to be at work.  i also found out fter i told ash we'd just chill cause i dont got enough gas to drive around that we'd drive friday n just chill the 2 of us on thrusday well i get 15 calls from caroline n finialy i get ahold of her when i get off work and shes liek where r u ash said u were chill'n w. me n miles n every1 im liek no butyea i got off work drive past ash's house no 1 was outside n  i went up to say hi stay'd a min than left n told her id call her tomarro. well i was a bit bleh see'n how 1 thing that happened made her so bleh at me.so i got out of skool and i told her the thursday priar to me going to her house that id call her liek 3 / 4-ish to see where she was. i dont really remember where i was but i know i didnt call cause i was driv'n around i had suff on my mind which was our relationship. before i was driving around i visited kate. me n her well she is happy as all hell w.mike n im glad she finialy is happy n i was crazy happy w. ash n me n kate usualy rnt this happy. so i decided to visit. well ileft and i got a fone call from meagan asking if id drive caroline home because meagan dont liek her n i unno i sil think its dick to tell ur friend to piss off cause ur other friend dont like em but w.e thats just me so i did she said shedgive e some gas money. so i drive from brick where i was to the dinner lke 20 mins away. i get there carloines in tears shesjust upset. well i go over to 711 to talk to ash n get my gasmoney from meagan n fuck'n ash just ignors me no hi no hug nothin she was excited about fuck'n mini marshmellos not see'n me though so that pissed me off. well i get caroline home and on our way i find out ash'n is pissed off n all this shit. well i drop caroline off and i findo ut ash n meagan r at the park w. matty or w.e i dotn no where maty or the park is so i go to the mall cause im pissed. im not a after thought to ash it seems. well i get there after driving around for a little bit. i chill w. some people. nothin to big. than i leave and i go to matty's cause i got directions i didnt really want to go but i figured ash might talk to me here but nope. i get there and i stoped to early and meagan calls me up and says somethin stupid liek u stoped to short nice job asshole. jok'n or not thats fuck'd up the way she said it. bu i stop getout and we walk liek 5 mins from where i parked cause they didnt tell me matty lives like 5 mins away but w.e we get there and ash n this new gay kid go to the basement and im upstairs w.matty and meagan cause ash went to the bathroom so i thought they were com'n up nope i went down and ash is sill ignoring me. i stay for half an hour no word is spoken to me from ash bout the shit were deal'n w. hell we werent dealing w. it. so i get a call from corrie~congrats corrie :)~moving on though and im liek sure i want to meet thenew boyfriend why not think'n to myself i got nothin to do here so i get up n wakl over to ash

"your leaving" i answer yes "you always have to go"

no hugno nothin so im pretty pissed n upset so i leave i get out the door , five feet from the house n meagan comes ou"why r u being a duche" who the fuck is she to interfier. we get in a argument and i said meagan it was a accident that i said 5 not 8 hell i was at work so i oculd make money to pay for gas so i can drive around you guys jesus. she comes back w. yea well now u no how it feels (refurring to when she went over to johns after i said no i dont want u there when we wee dating and john was her ex)

i said well u had a choice i didnt " o u wanted me to sleep ion the streets, blah blah blah " o go to hell justin i flat ouf said fuck you! corrie was on the fone for a good 80% of it but i left n went to target in 9 minutes. i get there park and i wakl to the door and i get a call from ash i told her meagan needs to mind her own buisness after she said she wants to talk and i said no im not doin this over the fone.and i said meagan needs to mind her own buisness " o but she doesnt she is right in say'n what she did shes my bestfriend" w./e the fone broke out. so i went in all pissed, he seems like a speed freak but hes kool lol but yea we drive aroudn they show me a nissan 30zx 5 speed, a 1988 i think. but yea i go bak to brick cause i was gonna meet them at barns n nobles. i get a call its so guy (really miles) ask'n why im act'n up heh fuck him who the fuck is he to ask me shit he talked shit bout me to ash for no fuck'n reason n i did nothin but good shit for that kid fuck him hes dead to me . but eya i call ash n meagan i meet ash at teh dinner again driving from brick to seaside basicaly. but yea she tells me somebullshit say'n how im never around and i always have to go n shit when in reality for 2 weeks i neglected my friends and car club and skool work for her fuck her man that got to me most of all n she broke up w. me say'n ts a break from us when in reality i been think'n we'll never date again. n from that day i get fone calls n shit from her n last 1 was 2 nights ago well yesterday mornin it was 3, she called im liek im exausted i gotta sleep n she cept ask'n o why u always tired meagan said when u 2 dated u werent this tiredblahblah i like i said the night befor when u cled you dont desurve a explination n we hung up. than 5 mins later "can i call u in a half an hour i need to talk to u its important" i flatout said no n hugn up this shit has got'n to me. o and thats just 1 bad thing but ill let u guys read this and umm get depressed and feel beter about your lives

BUT GO NICK ANS ASHLEY (best friend ash nto ex) thier finialy happy i knew this would happen 1 day

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[25 Sep 2004|09:50am]
[ mood | giddy ]

last night started out shity yesterday. i raced home from school in the lot at skool i noticed in my ttops when i was tak'n em off that on the cover around the handle is cracked on the side and i know its just cosmetic but its gonna piss me off to no end until i fix it. but yea got home, got my check got the cash came back home from the bank got changed got in the car n left for ash's house. i get there she aint there n no one knows where she is. i try carolines cell(girl she was w.) and well started to call emagan she foudn out where they were right after they finialy called me n got thoguh n said they were at the nail place. so i raced there n i had to drive across Fisher blvd. from a side road n i thought i qwas ok to go cause some btich had her blinker on the whole way to the road i was on so i thought she was turn'n so i went n she almost fuck'n hit me bt yea than i get to the nail place pick up ash bring her here give her her gifts we chill for a lil bit than left back to her house because meagan was supposed to come at 4/4:30 n it kinda pissed me off cause i wanted to b alone w. ash for a bit n i wound up sit'n in the family room along w. beth n alex w. ash btu yea we get a call n meagan cant come to 5:30-6 n wants me to pick her up i get pissed n just flat out say no when we were close to ash's house n i never picked her up lol. we went for icecream after that and than to dougs for a bit to show him car ect. lol but than back to ash's house where we pushed carolines car into a parking lot cause it didnt run lol. but yea than i drove w. meagan to carolines house cause meagan cant stand her n we got there first and than we waited for a bit caroline showed up cause her mom picked her up and we went for pizza than porn. lol 1 guys and 3 girls watchin porn lol :) love my life. but yea we wound up geting a porn blupers movie its so funny lol i got it now lol i forgot it was in my pocket so her mom wouldnt see it. but than we got to her house ate pizza chill'd in her back yard, they smoked :( than we went to apark called beth told her i was sleep'n over my friend matt who lives in brick(which is true cause carolines brother is matt) so i drove emagan home cause she was all pissy n bring'n us down n than came back where i slept there. we watched the movie it was funny than they started "lord of the g-string" lol wow i saw parts but ti was so fuck'n corny. lol. than i woke up after fall'n asleep n me n ash watched "sleepy hallow". we talked n kissed nothin big n caroline was already asleep lo. than i passed out at the same time ash did n i woke up at 5:30 n went to sleep n cept doin that for a bit fuck! i left my pillow there lol i have a xmen pillow in my car to put between my ttops so they dont crack and i used it and forgot it wow lol im quick but yea that was my night pretty good at the end, i spent it w. ash so that made all the bullshit worth it.

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[20 Sep 2004|09:01pm]
[ mood | loved ]

fuck yea!!! ill get to the best part of my story at the end but ill go on about the weekend.
-SAT- work sucked but i got out and came hoem ate than out n met up w. meg. miles and ash at the dinner. than from there i took ash w. me to a park while meagan n miles walked there. we met up there lik all together half an hour or so. they walked slow. we chill'd there for abotu an hour than me n miles took off n ash n meagan walked to the dinenr. me n miles went to the movies to see who was there n than back n they never showed up so we were worried tried cell no answer it was 9-ish now so we went to wawa n talked to jourel n than they called they were at the dinner lol. we went there n jourel met up w. us. from there we went to the 711 where juorel almost totled my car w. his truck lol than to hess. we chill'd there n i took off said my good byes n as i left i saw em taping up meagan lol wow i missed out. than camer home started to watch the blueman group n drew a picture for ash while i was on the fone w. herthan got off at 130-ish than food movie n sleep.
-SUN-work which sucked i couldnt stand those fuck'n people. fuck shoprite. well after i got off at 5 i went to aunts house said hi to family for 20 mins or so n took off to ash's house where i emt her older brother anthony. seems kool. but yea me n ash went to get herbrother icecream came back n her little sister was supposed to tell em we were gonna b bak in a bit so we went out we went to the dinner n left. from there we were gonna go to seaside and we got a call meagan thoguhtr we citched her cause ash's sister told her we were gonna b gone for a long time so she called her mom n was gonna ge picked up early so we went to ash's chill'd w. meagan til she left than we went to seaide we parked pretty close to th ebig lot in 1 of the mini 1's on the ends of each street. we walked twords adrelenin. we were hold'n eachother it was pretty cold she had 1 of my hoodies on. so we walked down n nothiced they were closed we walked back n we heard some fuck'n whore see us hold'n eachother walk'n n say "now thats scary" well fuck u 2 u stupid bitch. but yea we got to near the candy shop it was liek 8-8:30-ish n the place was ghostly cause the stoerm but it was nice n peaceful at the same time. she smoked i waited but was still close nd held her. but yea she finished n we leaned against a ledge near the candystore n were by ourselves i held her n we talked i was in peace no anger no hatred no misforturne being wishe upon anyone. just my happiness and hers. i was amazed. i hadnt'n felt liek this in mounths.not stpeh, not any girl had made me feel like this in a long long time. but yea we walked back n drove around, went to sams she got her movie, back to hess where i got gas n than to the empty mall parkinglot. it was 9-ish now a lil after. we stood and talked we. no cars by us and i held her got a pic or 2 and i told her how i felt an i told her i wanted to be with her and how much she meant to me. one weekend and i had fuond some1 who makes life have meaning. well im with ash now needless to say. after that we just stood there i kissed her forhead , than her lips. she has such soft lips even w. her lip ring (which is usualy to the side)we drove to her house where i kissed her goodnight n my entire way home was bliss i was happy. but yea :)

n today after skool i went to shoprite got rolls. came home dropepd em off went to her house chilld for 20 mins or so we came back n chill'd here til 5"30-ish ate some food, watched goodburger lol yea than to guitar practice. wow man this girl makes life worth all th ebad things. :)

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